This performance is based on the traditional tale of The Little Magic Mill, also known as The little salt mill. There are plenty of different versions of this tale but we decided to create our own version, focusing in the more magical aspect of the story. “In a bit old roof Pit has a life which is not really smooth. He has no coat and sometimes is cold but suddenly... pam! A little mill he can hold. The little mill is not a usual one since it can produce anything you want, but it is important to bear in mind that it should be stopped at a certain time. If you wish sweets it will mill them, if you wish nougats you will have them, but you should never forget the two words to stop the spell. What will I ask, what will I ask?” How lucky is Pit to have a little magic mill! From now on he will be able to have anything he needs but... if he doesn’t make a good use of the little magic mill... it can be a great disaster!


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