• Directed by: Marta Soler
  • Performers: Anna Farriol and Mireia Fernàndez
  • Script: Ruth Garcia, Marta Soler and Mireia Fernàndez 
  • Set design: Guillermo Góngora and Pablo Paz.
  • Puppets design: Anna Roger
  • Costume design, characterization and attrezzo: Zeleste Carnero
  • Music: Albert Ciurans
  • Microphones: Juan Sánchez
  • Photography: Jordi González
  • Graphic design: Aina Cordoncillo
  • Veuoiceover: Judit González
  • Thanks to: Bitó Produccions and specially to Olga Vila, Fèlix Carnero, the grandma Victòria, Alfred Casas, Teatre Nu, Juan Manel Garcia and the people of L’Estruch.



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