Engruna teatre are two actresses, Ruth Garcia and Mireia Fernàndez, who decided to found a familial theatre company in 2006 to fulfil our desire of creating scenic language of our own. With the aim to seduce and move adults and children, we build a personal and visual world, based on traditional tales as well as from new creation. By means of theatre, puppets, objects, shadow play, projections and music, we create a magical world that pretends to stimulate the imagination of all kind of audience.

Since the premiere of our first show The Magic Little Mill (2007), which is based on the traditional tale “The little salt mill”, we have created 4 more performances: Roll, roll... Rodoreda! (2008) is a performance based on the life and works of the Catalan writer Mercè Rodoreda, which we created during the year of her centenary.

The Doll with the Hairless Head (coproduced with the “Festival de Temporada Alta de Girona” , 2010) marked a big step in the company career. With this show we carried out several performances in theatres and schools within the Catalan territory, as well as we started the new adventure of acting in Spain , participating in the “Festival FETEN 2013 ”.

In 2012, we started a new fascinating adventure developing the first street performance: POST, with which we were very lucky to premiere in the “FIRA DE TÀRREGA 2012”.

Finally, based on the POST street performance, we created the show Postcode 00 for being played indoors in theaters (in the end of 2012). We have participated in the “MOSTRA D’IGUALADA 2013” and we continue the adventure throughout Spain, translating it to Spanish and Basque.

Being true to our aim of moving our audience, Engruna Teatre not only has worked in conventional spaces, but also has adapted to spread to the maximum number of spectators regardless of the place they are. For this reason, we have created three storytelling shows which can be performed in libraries, cultural centres , schools, cloisters...

The reason of things (2008) was the first storytelling, afterwards Tales of Soil and Sand was born (as a result of a request from the “Consorci de Biblioteques de Barcelona ”, 2010) and, finally, The Tales of Mercè performed for the first time in the FIRA LITTERARUM 2013 (a storytelling inspired by the show “Roll, roll... Rodoreda!”).

Moreover, since 2009, the company teach acting classes for teenagers between 14 and 18 years old within the organization LA JOVENTUT DE LA FARÀNDULA from Sabadell (with an assistance of 50 or 60 students every year), as well as we organize courses and monographs among different high schools.

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